"Health, Money and Fear" Video and Discussions

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Health Care Reform is a hot topic these days. There is general consensus that our current system is beset with many problems. Meaningful change will not be accomplished by an overly simplistic “quick fix.” It is imperative that voters, as well as policy makers, learn as much as possible about the underlying causes of the current crisis and join in a serious and respectful dialog about solutions. In an attempt to educate the public, stimulate discussion, and promote reform, an emergency room doctor named Dr. Paul Hochfeld has produced a 48 minute video that addresses the question of why health care cost so much, and suggests what could be done about it.
“Health, Money and Fear” includes interviews with, among others, Dr. Arnold Relman, Dr. Marcia Angell (both former Editor-in-Chief NEJM), Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler (Co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program), Dr. John Kitzhaber (fellow ER Doctor/former Governor of Oregon), Paul Ginsberg (Director of the Center for Studying Health System Change, Washington, D.C.), and Dan Callahan (a pioneer in the field of Medical Ethics). A review of the film can be found at: www.thehastingscenter.org/Bioethicsforum/Post.aspx?id=1526&terms=hochfeld
Here are two showings scheduled that are free and open to the public during the week of October 12th-18th, when Dr. Hochfeld will be visiting the DC area. Each is followed by a discussion facilitated by Dr. Hochfeld himself.
Sunday, October 12th, 7:00 pm, at the River Road Unitarian Church, 6301 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817. This will be held in the new Fellowship room, which is wheelchair accessible.
Thursday, October 16th, 7:00 pm, at the Cleveland Park Branch Library, 3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington DC. Since we must be out of the room promptly by 8:45, the film will start precisely at 7:00. Parking is limited but the library is only 2 blocks from the Cleveland Park Metro station.
This information is going out to a number of people who already know about this film and asked to know about public showings during the week that Dr. Hochfeld is in town. Others of you may not know about it, hence the general information about the film itself. I hope that if you have not seen it already, you will take advantage of one of these opportunities to see a very informative, even provocative documentary that is full of important information about our ailing health care system. If you have seen it, you may want to see it again or tell your friends about it. Feel free to pass the word along to others.
Barbara Blaylock, M.D.

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