Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program

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Special thanks to Arnold Eppel – Baltimore County Department Of Aging

> I am pleased to announce an important new professional fellowship
> opportunity, entitled the Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program.
> Supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies and administered by Columbia
> University, this national program seeks to provide professionals in
> health and aging with the experience and skills necessary to make a
> positive contribution to the development and implementation of health
> policies that affect older Americans. The program offers two different
> tracks for individual placement: (1) a residential track that includes a
> nine-to-12-month placement in Washington, D.C. or at a state agency (as a
> legislative assistant in Congress, a professional staff member in an
> executive agency or in a policy organization); and (2) a non-residential
> track that includes a health policy project and brief placement(s)
> throughout the year at relevant sites. Core program components focused
> on career development and professional enrichment are provided for
> fellows in both tracks.
> The program is open to physicians, nurses and social workers at all
> career stages (early, mid, and late) with a demonstrated commitment to
> health and aging issues and a desire to be involved in health policy at
> the federal, state or local level. Other professionals with clinical
> backgrounds (e.g., pharmacists, dentists,
> clinical psychologists) working in the field of health and aging are also
> eligible to apply. Under special circumstances, exceptions may be
> made for non-clinicians who are in positions that can impact health
> policy for older Americans at a clinical level.
> Our goal is to create a cadre of professional leaders who will serve as
> positive change agents in health and aging policy, helping to shape a
> healthy and productive future for older Americans. To this end, we seek
> your assistance in informing potential candidates of this opportunity.
> Please feel free to forward this notification to prospective applicants
> or others in the field who may know of such individuals, or to suggest
> other methods and/or venues for marketing the program.
> For further information, please visit our website at
> or contact me or Phuong Huynh, Deputy
> Director of the program ([email protected] or 212-543-6213)
> directly.
> Thank you in advance for your assistance.
> Best regards,
> Harold Alan Pincus M.D.
> National Director, Health and Aging Policy Fellows
> Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University
> Director of Quality and Outcomes Research, New York-Presbyterian
> Hospital
> Senior Scientist, RAND Corporation
> 1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 09
> New York, NY 10032
> Phone: 212 543 5401
> Fax: 212 543 6063
> Email: [email protected]
> (c) 2008 The Health and Aging Policy Fellows

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