Handbook strives to improve life of seniors in assisted living communities

Eva Graham uses personal experiences to educate readers about assisted living in “The Real Truth or How to Survive in Assisted Living”

Many Americans have had to decide what to do with their mom or dad when they can no longer take care of themselves. In her book “The Real Truth …or How to Survive in Assisted Living” (ISBN 1461004233), Eva Graham gives readers an “Assisted Living 101” course on placing loved ones in an assisted living community.

This book uses a conversational approach to suggest the processes that should be understood and used when choosing an assisted living community. It covers topics such as how to find the right place, how to get ready for the move and useful gifts and necessities to bring loved ones to make them feel more comfortable.

Other parts of the book describe things to keep an eye on after family members have already moved in. It informs the readers on medical issues to look out for, important areas of care that should be provided and simple maintenance and housekeeping ideas to help your loved ones. There are numerous quotes and anecdotes from people living in these communities to strengthen Graham’s points. There is also a section for people who already have family members in assisted care, but are unable to be physically close enough to be aware of what is taking place.

According to Graham, there are too many stories in the news today about the mistreatment of seniors in assisted living communities. She feels that many of these situations could have been prevented or mitigated if families and individuals had better insight on what can occur in the communities ultimately chosen. With a continuing rapid increase in those who will require assisted living, Graham uses personal experiences with her mother and others in such communities to convey the need for awareness.

“This book comes from personal experience and observations over a three-year period when my mother was in assisted living. It emphasizes the realities that some people may not want to know, but desperately need to know,” Graham says. “It points out possible problem areas, attitudes to be aware of and many of the states of mind that family and their loved one can confront during a stay in assisted living.”

Graham’s main goal is to empower readers with ways to greatly improve the care of their relatives with the knowledge necessary to make the right choices. She hopes that her work helps them avoid mistakes involving the care and health of their family members.

“The Real Truth or How to Survive in Assisted Living” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author: Eva Graham has worked in governmental services for over 25 years. Her avocation for many years has been services dealing generally with historic preservation and historical interpretation. In addition to being an advocate for the elderly, Graham’s other loves are gardening, history and cooking. She conceived and presented over 60 sessions of a “reminiscence cooking for seniors” program at an assisted living facility.

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