Graveside Memory Capsule Introduces Modern Way to Preserve Family History

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GOLD CANYON, Ariz., Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ — When Marian Ruth Stevenson, John Stevenson’s beloved wife of 51 years, passed away recently, he knew he couldn’t let her remarkable life story die as well. So the retired aerospace engineer came up with a technological solution: the Graveside Memory Capsule. Now he is making the capsule available to other grieving families.
“There is great psychological and spiritual loss when a loved one is buried. When family and friends walk away from a new grave, all that remains is a stone that says ‘John Doe, 1966-2006,'” stated John Stevenson. “That’s hardly a tribute to someone who has lived, laughed, cried, struggled and contributed his or her share to the continuity of the family, community and culture. It’s time the cemetery joined the computer world with the rest of modern society.”
Inconspicuously mounted at a grave site, the Graveside Memory Capsule is a weather- and age-hardened digital memory that contains the decedent’s life history as recorded by his or her loved ones. The capsule can display pictures, text, audio, music, voice and video. Anyone can immediately access
the memory at graveside with a laptop computer and USB cable or download it for later viewing and sharing through CD-ROM or the Internet.
To make family research easier and to provide a backup copy of the memory, Graveside Memory Capsule maintains a central “online cemetery plot” for each individual. Each graveside memory has a unique identifier, and each may carry a list of identification numbers of associated memories so family trees can be constructed via electronic search – a boon to family genealogists.
One could call the Graveside Memory Capsule a modern extension of the gravestone – one that tells the story of the life between the birth and the death. It is an invaluable service to the deceased’s remaining loved ones,
who typically have only a few photographs and anecdotal memories that will gradually diminish and distort with time.

At around $500, a Graveside Memory Capsule is surprisingly affordable when compared to other burial costs. It significantly multiplies the value of the burial site, however, at a time when families yearn to do more to preserve the memory of the one who lies there. That’s understandable, given that huge and mobile populations have significantly eroded the human urge to closely associate with family. Stevenson pointed out that the Graveside Memory Capsule and its communication system provide a family cohesion that is psychologically in keeping with human instinct yet rare in the modern world.
“As families become increasingly scattered and estranged in today’s society, gone are the days when family histories were faithfully recorded and passed down from generation to generation,” Stevenson said. “The Graveside Memory Capsule helps families ensure that their histories will not be forgotten.”

Stevenson has provided a copy of his wife’s memory for viewing at To learn more, visit
Contact: John Stevenson
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