Geriatric Physician Makes House Calls on Bicycle

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nursing home doctor rides bikeDr. Tony Ohotto is a doctor with the ElderPlace, a program that provides health care, housing and other services for older adults in Portland, Oregon.

Callahan took up cycling for the obvious benefits: exercise, avoiding traffic jams, spending less money on gas. Ohotto says he began using his bike for home visits more or less out of necessity. He wanted to commute by bike, which left him without a car at work.

Because of time pressure, Ohotto doesn’t ride as often as he’d like. For many home visits, he carpools with a one of ElderPlace’s registered nurses. Not only can he travel faster, but he can also use the time in the car to discuss care issues and solve problems.

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But Callahan says that in five years, he’s rarely needed a car. “My visits tend to be with residences and skilled nursing facilities within 4 or 5 miles. So it’s relatively efficient.”

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