Geriatric Doctors

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Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you tell me the different types of health problems a geriatrician treats and how I can find one? Every time I see my current doctor he reminds me how old I am (I’m 76) and writes me another prescription to take. I would like to make a change, but I want someone who will help me, not patronize me.

Not Too Old

Dear Not,

If you think your doctor is paying more attention to your age than your health, a geriatrician may be just the antidote. Here’s what you should know.


A geriatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in caring for older adults — usually over age 65. Geriatricians are typically board certified in family practice or internal medicine and have additional training and certification in caring for the elderly. Just as a pediatrician specializes in caring for children, a geriatrician is trained to diagnose, treat and prevent illness in seniors. Some of the advantages of seeing a geriatrician over a regular family doctor can include:
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