Gardening Good Exercise For Aging Hearts

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Here is some news for the adults who get bored with exercise. Gardening is a recommended physical activities for the aging people to maintain a sound health.

At least 30 minutes of gardening can cover up for the low intensity fitness routine required for the cardio patients to keep fit, but do not have the stamina required. The study was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Recently a study conducted by Sin-Ae Park, Candice Shoemaker, and Mark Haub of Kansas State University, aimed at finding out if gardening enables older adults to meet the physical activity recommendation set forth by the CDC and the ACSM.

Gardening results in improved health and helps beat depression, as reported by a recent study. However the researcher are yet to conclude whether gardening can offer the individuals the same positive health benefits that regular physical activity (such as jogging, swimming, or weight training) provides.

 Gardening results in improved health and helps beat depression, as reported by a recent study.
They expected that gardening would influence whole-body bone mineral density because it included weight-bearing motions such as pushing a mower, digging holes, pulling weeds, carrying soil, and other tasks required use muscle groups in the entire body.

The study involved 14 gardeners aged 63-86 years. Their heart rates, oxygen intake and energy expenditure were recorded. The time spent on gardening was also recorded, which averaged to 33 hours per week during May, but only 15 hours per week in June and July.

The risk of sedentary lifestyle is heavier on older adults, which leads to increased risk of decline of muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardiopulmonary health.

The boredom associated with exercise can be beaten by simple tasks of gardening, therefore making it more likable by the older adults. It was thus, concluded that gardening was the best way for the adults to meet the physical demands made by CDC and the ACSM. AGENCIES


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