Future of aging is an improv act?

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The bigthink.com article, ” Why Baby Boomer Retirement Will Be An Improv Act ” details why demographic and societal changes will have use making up the future of retirement as we go!

  1. Family Matters — Family has traditionally been the cornerstone of healthy aging. Grandparents might live with or near their children, care for grandchildren and be the elder statesman or woman of the family. But, family dynamics have changed.
  2. Managing House & Home — The support structure once provided by family is greatly diminished or gone.
  3. Undefined Retirement — Years of work with a single employer guaranteed dad, sometimes mom, a watch and a pension that was defined and a predictable source of income.
  4. Work-Retire-Work Cycle — AARP among others has reported that to many 50 and 60-somethings retirement now means working longer.
  5. Health & Well-being Management — Living longer may also mean managing disease, multiple diseases, longer.
  6. Legacy — While greater longevity may pose new challenges, it also provides great opportunity.
  7. Innovation – The new context of aging and retirement is a call to innovate. New life events, activities, organizations, technologies, services and professions must be developed to address the changing face of old age.

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