Front Line Caregiver Study Conducted

One day, over a cup of coffee, Diane Doumas and Myron Radio were discussing the challenges of delivering consistent, quality customer service in the senior living industry as a whole.  The issue of recruiting, training, developing and retaining world-class Frontline Caregivers rose to the top of the list.  Diane wondered aloud if it was possible to profile the “gold standard”, top performing caregivers, then use the knowledge gained to help the industry overcome one of their most pressing issues.  In his practice, Myron utilizes a sophisticated method to perform such role profiles.

Diane Doumas is managing partner at Vantage Advisory Group, a leading senior living professional services firm delivering innovative and insightful solutions in today’s transforming senior services markets.  The Vantage team provides a range of advisory services across the senior living continuum including independent and assisted living, dementia care and skilled nursing.

Myron Radio is president of The R Group, LLC, a consortium of experienced executives, business advisors and coaches who specialize in Strategy Execution through Team Development, Change Management and Executive Development initiatives.  Their work in the area of Talent Management How to recruit, train, deploy, develop and retain world-class Frontline Caregivers (FLC).

Together Diane and Myron decided to fund a study to target Frontline Caregivers in the senior living industry.  For the purposes of this study, the term Frontline Caregiver (FLC) refers to paid direct care workers in a group senior living setting.  Sometimes referred to as paraprofessionals, Frontline Caregivers typically engage in low-tech, hands-on, non-medical support for seniors who have difficulty or cannot perform these tasks independently.  Task examples include bathing, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring, or what is known in health care terms as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
Based on the outcomes of this study, there is untapped opportunity to improve the high rate of turnover, long the norm in the FLC role in senior living.  Specifically, to recruit, train, deploy, develop and retain world-class Frontline Caregivers (FLC):

1. When the basic needs for the FLC are offered, i.e. adequate income and benefits, high performing FLCs can be recruited by targeting the identified Behaviors, Motivators and Attributes common to most “gold standard” employees in the role.
2. To retain these high performers, the work environment must be in alignment with their targeted Behaviors, Motivators and Attributes.

The feedback from the industry expert stakeholder participants on these outcomes includes the following:

  • “This will lead to better hires, better retention and more focused training and development of our FLC resources”
  • “This approach brings ‘science’ to the hiring, selection and deployment processes”
  • “We now have a greater potential to hire the right people the first time and to train and develop them accordingly”
  • “We are now able to ‘quantify’ this role and to gain better alignment between the FLC and the rest of the organization as a whole”

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