French Women Advocate for Innovative New Housing and Win!

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With the spirit of Golden Girls a feisty group of women in France have advocated and won public funding for a self managed housing option to provide support and housing.

The group calls themselves the “Baba Yagas”, a term for old witches in Slavic folklore known for eating children but also sought out for their wisdom.

Their vision was a collective home, managed solely by the women and founded on solidarity among the residents. The 60somethings would help the 90somethings.

If residents develop severe illness or Alzheimer’s disease, “we will keep those who are ill as long as we can,” she said. And if hospitalisation is required, “we will continue to accompany them. Since we’re about 20 women, we will go visit them in shifts, each taking a turn every 20 days.”

The idea of senior-specific co-housing isn’t new — gaining ground in Denmark, Germany and notably the United States where millions of Baby Boomers are hitting the 60s.

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