Forbes Special Report on Running an Assisted Living Home

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ProAging Editorial Note – Look out folks, when articles start appearing like this in mainstream media, it means there are surely to be some people getting into this business for not necessarily the “right reasons”.


Special Report
The Fundamentals Of Running A Senior Living Home
Edited by Brett Nelson 03.01.07, 6:00 AM ET

Got a knack for real estate development? Like the idea of giving oldsters a helping hand? This business might be for you. But before you start counting your money, ask yourself: Would you put your own mother in any old assisted living home?

Clearly not–which means entrepreneurs running these facilities have to be on their games right out of the gate. That includes knowing how to get the right permits, having a handle on start-up costs, keeping an eye on the most meaningful performance metrics and even choosing the right role model for your business.

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