First person: A gaming geriatric

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By Maureen Patzer
For GLWoman

When my girlfriend called recently to say, “hi,” she casually mentioned she and her husband had played with a friend’s wee over the weekend.

“Please,” I said. “Too much information.”

“No, not w-e-e as in pee,” she replied. “Wee as is Wii, the new gaming system from Nintendo.”

“I knew that,” I said. “I was just kidding, ha ha.”

I’m not exactly what you would consider a gamer. In fact, I haven’t played a video game of any kind since my sophomore year at college when my roommate dragged me into an arcade for a quick game of “Pac Man.” It cost $1, which seemed outrageous, (adjusted for inflation, that’s $100 in today’s money) and it hurt my wrist.

“You shouldn’t tell anyone you played ‘Pac Man,'” my husband said when I told about this column. “Everyone will know you’re really old.”

No more ‘Kong’?

Apparently, a lot has happened in the gaming world in the past 25 years.

Xbox 360, Game Cube and Wii are now the industry standard; mention “Space Invaders” or “Donkey Kong” to anyone younger than 18, and you might as well admit to needing Depends.

At least a wadzillion people worldwide play video games, and many of them are acquiring ridiculous riches by doing so. There’s even an Electronic Sports World Cup, better known as the e-games.

Gaming is now so ubiquitous, more than 100 professional female teams shoot, loot and thumb their way through this formerly male-dominated universe; the ultimate indicator of my-how-things-have-changed is the existence of the Swedish Girls of Gaming.

This bevy of babes is a septuplet of beautiful blondes from Europe who compete under the name Les Seules. All are under the age of 25, and it’s likely they will become millionaires playing Counterstrip or Counterstripe or Counterstrike – something like that.

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