First-line questions for "retirement-home" living

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Moving late in life is hard. First you must come to terms with the idea, then decide where to go. As one reader wrote, “I’m an active 89 this month and having a terrible time deciding what retirement home I should select. Time to move, I’m sure “” but where?”

Here’s where the “tire-kicking” comes in doing your homework to find the right place. While the decision can be tough, it can also open doors to a renewed and more convenient quality of life. What’s hard is the unknown until you know it.

So where do you start? One step at a time.

– Know what services are available and their costs.

– Decide which of these services is appropriate, based on your functional needs, now and in the future. You can download my “Older Adult Assessment” form in the related links area of this article.

If you’re healthy, you’ll look for an independent retirement community that offers additional services for later.

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