Facebook for Fiftysomethings

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I’m unfriendly, solitary, and 30 years older than everyone else on the site. But could social networking work for me anyway?

By Emily Yoffe
Posted Thursday, March 8, 2007, at 6:10 PM ET

You know how in The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell describes the person he calls a “connector”””the charming, gregarious individual who knows everyone and makes things happen? I’m the opposite of that person. Even within my small circle, I’m always falling out of touch, and I never know what’s going on. But finally, there seemed to be a solution to my isolation that didn’t require me to actually go out and see people. Facebook, the three-year-old, 17-million-member social-networking site once the exclusive province of students, recently opened to anyone. The site has so addictively insinuated itself into the daily lives of those under the age of about 24 that academics are studying how it is changing the very nature of their social interactions. I decided to see if someone old enough to remember when answering machines were a radical communication breakthrough could find someone, anyone, among those 17 million willing to connect with me ..

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