Expansion of assisted living center denied – Bethany Beach, DE

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OCEAN VIEW — After entertaining a slew of complaints, the town’s board of adjustment denied Lloyd Elling’s request to expand his home-based assisted living center on West Avenue, claiming it was unacceptable in a residential community.

“You’re intentions are wonderful but when a person moves to a residential district there is a reasonable idea that single family homes are going to be used for that purpose,” said Dick Logue, board chairman. “There are other places to go do this.”

Elling said his intentions have not changed since the Ocean View Assisted Living Center was built in 2002. Original blueprints depicted an L-shaped facility with 14 bedrooms but, as Elling ran out of money, he altered his plans.

The current facility is 4,904 square feet and has a maximum capacity of six residents. On Thursday, May 18 he requested permission to construct six structures — each 22 by 40 feet — on his 1.67 acre parcel. Each structure would house two residents, increasing capacity to 18. The additional space would allow residents to progress as their skill level improved.

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