Emergency Room Care for Seniors – ABC News and ProAging Events

Creating more ideal Emergency Room solutions for seniors is the topic of a recent ABC News Article and is the focus of two upcoming ProAging Events.

April 16 – ProAging @ the Universities at Shady Grove

May 11 – ProAging @ The Fairfax

ABC News Reports  that monitors beeping, loud voices, and people scurrying about are just a few of the things people associate with a busy emergency department. Many people may consider these factors a nuisance, but for older patients, these are things that may be downright frightening and could even affect their health. A new trend in emergency department design is seeking to optimize the environment in which older patients are treated.

Referred to as “geriatric” or “senior” emergency departments, these facilities have been popping up across the country since the first one was opened at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, Md. in 2008. They are usually small areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the main emergency department. Private rooms, simple layouts, natural lighting, more volunteers, and soothing music are among the many features Holy Cross and other hospitals across the country are adding, all aimed at creating a calm and comforting environment.

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