Easier-to-use homes sell well to aging populace

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There’s a booming marketing trend in the home building and remodeling industry going after the “aging-in-place” crowd. The target audience is the 76 million baby boomers who are preparing for retirement in a single home.

Aging in place means building and remodeling homes so this group, age 50 and older, can stay in their homes comfortably, safely and independently as they age, regardless of physical challenges.

From larger faucet handles to wider doors to fake lawns, baby boomers are looking for products that are easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to maintain over decades of in-place living.

“People want to live in houses, not institutions,” said William Owens, president of Owens Construction in Columbus, Ohio. “And the idea in aging-in-place homes is you can’t tell it’s for the aging.”

Easy to use

With ever-increasing physical challenges, baby boomers want easy-to-use products, such as better lighting, bigger light controls, easy-grip handles and cabinet hardware, adjustable shower heads, seats and bars and bathtubs with textured bottoms.

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