Drug Shows Promise Against Alzheimer's

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WEDNESDAY, March 1 (HealthDay News) — For the first time, an experimental drug has been shown to curb both forms of brain lesions found in Alzheimer’s disease — at least in mice. if (window.yzq_a == null) document.write(“”); if (window.yzq_a) { yzq_a(‘p’, ‘P=Z0BfUs6.I3r_tjmCQ96P9g8QJnYogkQHV7wACrvM&T=1acnjshbh%2fX%3d1141331900%2fE%3d95864951%2fR%3dnews%2fK%3d5%2fV%3d1.1%2fW%3d8%2fY%3dYAHOO%2fF%3d1290994666%2fH%3dY2FjaGVoaW50PSJuZXdzIiBjb250ZW50PSJkcnVnO0FsemhlaW1lciBzO2l0O0l0O0lzcmFlbDt2aWNlIHByZXNpZGVudDtyZWZ1cmxfbmV3c195YWhvb19jb20iIHJlZnVybD0icmVmdXJsX25ld3NfeWFob29fY29tIiB0b3BpY3M9InJlZnVybF9uZXdzX3lhaG9vX2NvbSI-%2fS%3d1%2fJ%3d4D23BECE’); yzq_a(‘a’, ‘&U=13913otfo%2fN%3doBH9Qc6.Iqs-%2fC%3d400476.8035166.8897110.1442997%2fD%3dLREC%2fB%3d3340977’); }

The compound, called AF267B, shut down both the amyloid protein plaques that collect in Alzheimer’s-affected brains, as well as another lesion, the “tangles” of protein called tau.

What’s more, AF267B also appeared to reverse cognitive declines in mice genetically designed to mimic Alzheimer’s disease. Mice appeared to gain renewed powers of memory and learning after treatment, the researchers report in the March 2 issue of Neuron.

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