DC ANNOUNCES GRANTS – Funds available to operate senior wellness centers and ward based services and activities

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(Washington, DC) The Office on Aging is soliciting qualified applicants to provide extensive services and activities designed to enhance the overall health and well-being of District residents aged 60 and older by ward. Applicants are also being sought to operate District owned senior wellness centers.

Federal and District appropriated funding in the amount of $4,629,200 is available to fund one to eight applicants to serve one or more wards in the District of Columbia. Successful grantees would be known as lead agencies and would be responsible for developing and implementing the services in the designated area and design services to meet the needs of older residents with the greatest economic and or social needs.

A total of $1,150,000 is available to fund one to four applicants to operate one or more senior wellness centers in the District in federal and District funds. Successful organizations will provide services and activities which are designed to improve the physical, social and emotional well being of the senior population.

Non-profit organizations and for profit organizations operating in the District of Columbia are eligible to apply. Those for profit organizations may not use profit in their grant applications.

The Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the lead agency grant and the NOFA for the senior wellness center operations grant can be accessed on the Office on Aging’s website, www.dcoa.dc.gov and on the Office of Partnerships and Grants Development’s website, www.opgd.dc.gov.

For more information, interested persons may contact Aurora Delespin-Jones or Roxanne Ando at 202-724-8821.

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