Daughter shares lessons learned from caring for mother

Mona Forman Doyle describes the experience of caring for her 90-year-old mother in “Mollie and Me: A Mother Care Memoir”

Mollie Forman had a glamorous job as a New York buyer for major department stores. When her daughter Mona was seven, Mollie gave up New York and her career to be an at-home wife and mother in Camden, N.J. Twenty-five years later, when Mona had her own career and children, Mollie urged her to do the same. Their disagreement created tension that made it difficult for them to share a kitchen or vacation weekends together. Doyle explains how a major health emergency brought the two back together and allowed her to see her mother in a whole new light in “Mollie and Me: A Mother Care Memoir” (ISBN 1456350870).

At the age of 90, Mollie suffered a major heart attack, and Doyle realized that the best place for her mother to recover was in her condo. She knew that she could manage a few weeks with her mother while she recuperated, but didn’t know that it would turn into a six-year stay.

Doyle became her mother’s care manager. In this new role, she was able to see her mother in a different way, which brought about a higher level of understanding between the two women. Doyle offers what she learned about her mother, herself and hiring care givers. Doyle also shares the moments and memories that she believes symbolize the beauty of a mother and daughter relationship.

“I want my memoir to inspire readers to better understand what energizes their aging parents and what makes them happy as they grow older,” Doyle says.

Doyle highlights the challenges and rewards adult children face as they learn to manage and care for their aging parents. She hopes that her own story shows readers that regardless of how difficult and time-consuming caring for elderly parents can be, it is a memorable experience that holds the potential for individuals to learn more about their parents and themselves.

About the Author:
Mona Forman Doyle is a consumer advocate in the food industry and the founder of The Consumer Network, Inc., a research firm specializing in food shopping. She is the publisher of “The Shopper Report” as well as the author of hundreds of articles and two business books. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week and Family Circle. She has also spoken at dozens of industry conferences around the world and appeared on national TV and radio programs including “Good Morning America,” “Face the Nation” and National Public Radio.

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