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One of the nice features of our new format is the ability to share your thoughts on an article that was posted – here is a ProAging subscribers thoughts on the recent smoking article.

Comment: I feel all nursing homes should have a smoking room for those residents who do smoke. It is one of their rights, sending them outside in the cold, rain/snow or heat is not humane. They have lost everything else, given up their homes, their prior way of life and because of illness and debilitation have moved into a home. While smoking is banned in many places, a smoking room with adequate ventilation and filtering can be installed. Nursing homes do not want to take on any additional costs to do this. They have agreed to take care of these people, food, smoking etc. is all many have left-don’t take that away from them. Home owners should be ashamed of themselves. By the way, I am a non smoker but feel smokers have rights also.

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