Celebrity Challenges Americans to Spend Time with Seniors; Share Stories

Rona Barrett, a pioneer and innovator in entertainment reporting and the publishing industry, encourages volunteerism in senior care facilities as a component of The Rona Barrett Foundation, which helps Seniors in Need. Ronas Warriors is a call out to Americans to inspire them to visit a senior care facility in their community.

No matter the motivation, completing community service hours or fulfilling a strong desire to serve this underappreciated population, Barrett asks you to volunteer at a senior care facility, become one of her warriors, and promote the dignity of our nations elderly population and fight for their happiness.

One of the greatest gifts we can give the elderly is our time. If you have ever visited a nursing home or adult care center, you will understand what this means, said Barrett. Often times nursing home residents sit alone, seemingly forgotten, as they wait for someone to talk to and recognize them as important, valuable members of society. Visiting a lonely seniorespecially those with mobility issues or who are homeboundis a gift beyond comprehension. All that is required is a sense of compassion and a little time.

Barrett also requests that people share their experiences working with senior citizens and to let her know how a visit from a community member in your senior care facility has impacted your life. Email stories to [email protected]. Selected stories will be posted at www.ronabarrett.com to inspire others to get involved.

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