Cast of the Gray-Hot Lovers – In 'Boynton Beach,' a New Wrinkle on a Mature Subject

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Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, August 21, 2006; Page C01

If you don’t keep an eye on love as you get older, it can wander away like a little kid in a grocery store. Sometimes you don’t notice right away, but at other times you panic and start searching up one aisle and down the next.

In the new romantic comedy “Boynton Beach Club,” five of the six main characters, single adults in their sixties, are at various levels of panic. Harry, played by Joseph Bologna, is constantly surfing online for possible mates. Lois, played by Dyan Cannon, comes on to a gray-haired stranger named Donald (Michael Nouri) and soon they’re Rollerblading down a boardwalk and into her bedroom. Sandy (Sally Kellerman) hands Jack (Len Cariou) her business card at a support group for grieving spouses and afterward, in the parking lot, pops up at his car window to ask if he’ll accompany her to a dance at her club.

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