Boomers Research Identifies Six Distinct Groups

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A new research study into baby boomers has identified six distinct groups of consumers 42 and older.

The study’s findings were released last week at a forum hosted by Focalyst, a joint venture of AARP Services and research consultancy Kantar, MediaPost reports. A key benefit to marketers from the research is that the groups were demographically distinct, clustered mainly based on life experiences. The six groups are as follows:

  1. Overwhelmed and Unfortunate (25 percent of the study population; average age 62; average income $45,000): negative life experiences regarding health, fitness, education, and finance.
  2. Active and Successful (24 percent; average age 53; average income $72,000): very active and concerned about appearance, physical as well as clothing and grooming, with a higher number of online users than the general population.
  3. Positive and Responsible (20 percent; average age 62; average income $51,000): into doing good works and improving the world; values time and being healthy and price-conscious.
  4. Regular Folks (16 percent; average age 58; average income $72,000): positive life experiences, prefer DIY projects such as home-improvement and car maintenance, not fashion-conscious, interested in achieving financial security.
  5. Fortunate and Ready (14 percent; average age 63; average income $85,000): has planned retirement, well-adjusted, the best-educated and highest-income group, values charity and personal development.
  6. Alone and Ill (2 percent; average age 71; average income $47,000): suffers from poor health and diet, most likely to have home assistance, fearful of being a burden to others.
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