Alec (90) is a jolly gym-going geriatric

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Most people might be wanting to take it easy on their 90th birthday — but not self-confessed jolly geriatric Alec Harrison.
Mr Harrison, of Moulton, went along to the Castle Sports Complex in Spalding for his weekly Extend class, a nationally recognised course endorsed by Help the Aged and run by fitness instructor Cheryl Ingleby.

His friends and fellow members clubbed together to buy him a bottle of wine to mark the occasion and Mr Harrison says he enjoys keeping active.

He said: “I call this class the jolly geriatrics. We have a lot of laughs and we really enjoy ourselves.

“I like to join in with people and I’m going to keep coming here as long as I can.”

Cheryl explained that the course combines a variety of mainly seated exercises including strength training for arms and legs, passing basket balls around a circle and some Tai Chi.

She said: “Alec is such an incredible guy. Not only does he exercise with the 70-year-olds but he’s always making jokes and having fun.”

Mr Harrison says that his job as a farmer in Whaplode Drove prepared him anything life could offer and added that he always enjoys himself thanks to his positive outlook.

He said: “There’s no use being any other way. If you walk around being miserable then no-one will want to talk to you.

“I got my inspiration years ago from a chap who used to live next door to me who did his front garden when he was 90. He never grumbled and was never miserable and that was a good example to follow.

“My advice for people is stay happy, be thankful for what you have got and don’t forget that life is too short to bear grudges.”

Mr Harrison also enjoys singing in his church choir, is a member of the Friends of Moulton Mill and likes to play bowls whenever he can.

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