Aging Through A Physicians Lens

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Eyewitness NewsNEW YORK (WABC) — Aging can be a sensitive subject. Often people don’t want to talk about getting older.
They may even have a tough time being around old people.
But that’s the wrong approach according to one New Yorker who does his best to celebrate age and those who are getting older.
Eyewitness News Lauren Glassberg is here with more.

Day in and day out Dr. Jeffrey Levine works in a field than many people shy away from – Caring for the elderly. But it’s arena that’s captivated him so much, he’s taken his interest in the elderly to a whole new level.
For 25 years Dr. Jeffrey Levine has been practicing medicine and perfecting his craft, photography.
It’s where his two passions collide, Caring for the elderly and documenting them.
Those very lines and wrinkles that might make some people cringe can be a beautiful thing for Dr. Levine. He’s a geriatrician — and embraces aging in his work and his hobby.
Patients or strangers, he finds inspiration in their faces and stories.
The photos address subjects including frailty, community and spirituality.
They’re currently on display at the National Arts Club and throughout there’s an underlying message. That while America’s elderly population is rapidly growing, the ranks of those who care for the elderly- is unfortunately shrinking.
So much so, Dr. Levine hopes his photographs touch some hearts and encourage others to do something like he does when he isn’t taking pictures.
The exhibit is called Aging through a Physicians Lens. it runs through the end of next week at the National Arts Club and will travel around the country. For more information, check out

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