Aging in Reston Continues Planning for a Lifetime of Living in Reston

On Saturday, July 16, 2011, from 2:00 — 4:00 PM, at the Reston Community Center — Lake Anne, in Reston, VA, the Aging in Reston initiative will hold a community forum to report on Phase I of its work, and discuss Phase II – to include neighborhood networking, advocacy, projects, and organization sustainability.

Around the nation and throughout Fairfax County dozens of “village” programs are forming to provide a range of services and activities to growing numbers of seniors with a common goal: to help people stay in their homes and community through their elder years.

 Reston is no exception.  Since Fairfax County held Reinventing Your Neighborhood: Creating Supportive Communities for All Ages, in April 2008, a grassroots effort has evolved around Fairfax County, including the Aging in Reston (AIR) initiative, a capacity filled forum: Aging in Reston: A Community Forum for Hunter Mill District, hosted by Hunter Mill District Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins, at the Reston Community Center, in October 2010.

Following months of community participation, including four working groups: model development, transportation, resources, and housing options.  Phase II will pilot innovative ideas and projects, advocate for key issues, and bring neighbors together in an international network. 

“Reston is uniquely suited for this, as one of its founding principles states: That it be possible for anyone to remain in a neighborhood throughout their life, uprooting being neither inevitable nor always desirable,” said Supervisor Hudgins.

The Hunter Mill District office has worked closely with the AIR participants and community stakeholders as the AIR initiative has engaged hundreds of volunteers focusing on key issues revealed through an extensive survey and feedback from the October 2010 forum. 

The event will present opportunities for community feedback and involvement.

To RSVP for the July 16th event: [email protected] or call 703-672-1116.

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