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In Virginia we are facing a funding crisis for one of our most critical programs. We need your help and the help of those on your network of friends and colleagues throughout Virginia.

In Virginia we have a second chance to have our voices heard by our legislators concerning the inadequate funding for the Meals on Wheels program in the state. This is not simply a Northern Virginia problem, but a Virginia state problem! 7,500 frail elderly Virginians languish on waiting lists for lack of funding. The Senate allocated only $500,000.00 statewide to support Meals on Wheels and the House has allocated nothing. $7.3M is needed to get those people off the waiting lists…less than $1.00 for each Virginian per year. Home delivered meals is the most effective program we have for keeping frail elderly in their homes and out of hospitals and nursing homes. One day in the hospital due to poor nutrition and illness can fund that frail elderly person’s home delivered meals for a year. One has to believe that proper nutrition for these at-risk Virginians will pay off in the long and short run.

Please send an e-mail to EVERYONE on your networking lists. We need all the help we can get contacting as many people as possible with this message and the request that they contact their legislators and request that all those they contact do the same. If you work with volunteers or belong to any associations, enlist their help. Our goal is 7500 e-mail or telephone contacts to legislators…one for every person on a waiting list. This e-mail and attachments must be sent to your lists this week to give everyone time to send it on. If you don’t know your legislator, here’s the link: then click on Who’s My Legislator in the bottom right hand corner. One legislator we spoke with said it made no difference whether you called or e-mailed. If you want to e-mail you may have to go to their individual site once you get their name to get the e-mail address. I also encourage you to cc Governor Kaine when you contact your legislator.

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