44-year-old explores a retirement community for business travel and wisdom

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Eldercare advocate continues his series of immersion projects to inspire a creative viewpoint on “aging” related topics.
On November 18, Steve Gurney will be taking a business trip from his home in suburban Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia. Instead of staying in a hotel, the entrepenuer and executive will be staying in The Watermark at Logan Square, a retirement community in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. While this might seem unusual to most of Gurney’s 44-year-old peers, it will be the third time that he has taken up residence in senior housing this year.

Gurney states, “The concept of business travelers staying in senior living communities makes a lot of sense. These communities offer all the features and amenities of your typical hotel, but have the added benefit of being a true neighborhood with lots of interesting people to engage with.” 

Gurney started his unique journey in February, when he decided to take up residence at an independent and assisted living community to gain a better understanding for the transition that the readers of the publication he founded 20 years ago were making.  The experience was so enlightening and inspirational that it led him to make another move in August to a retirement community located in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. In this move, he was accompanied by his 6-year-old son in an effort to explore the concept that people of all ages can live together and to explore the benefits of urban living.

Gurney feels that senior living communities present a perfect option for a business traveler and the senior living industry. He states, “Imagine the connections and wisdom that can be shared between retirees and travelers with similar business backgrounds.” Gurney hopes his move can inspire communities and individuals to think “outside the box” and consider different approaches.

Gurney has been documenting his experiences through a blog at www.everyoneisaging.com that has served as a vehicle for discussion and creative thoughts on aging and eldercare.

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