43 Year Old Retirement Community Wants Your Feedback

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If you havent been following the blog of Steve Gurney, the 43 year old founder and publisher of Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook as he immerses himself in the feelings and emotions of making the transition to a retirement community, you can can catch up with the action at: https://www.retirement-living.com/publisher/2009/02/13/entry-23-overview-of-the-43-year-old-retirement-community-resident-project.

Over the next several weeks, Gurney will try to address all the fascinating questions posted on the blog and received via email. "By the time I am through with that pile, I think I will have a much better handle on my experience and what lessons we can learn to improve the lives of everyone that is aging." Gurney states.



If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or challenges you would like to share please throw them on the pile! You can comment directly on the blog at the end of each posting, or you can email Steve at [email protected], or you can call him at 1-800-394-9990 ext. 1118.

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