Online Survey is Open to Adults in English and Spanish, July 2011

CommonHealth ACTION (CHA) has launched its 2011 national online survey to assess how prepared people in the United States are to age. Intended for adults over the age of 18, the survey will collect data on concerns people have about aging, who will provide for their needs in their later years, and the role they anticipate technology will play in their lives as they age. The online survey is available through September 9, 2011 both, in English  and Spanish . The survey will be disseminated via national organizations, print and online media, as well as social marketing tools. Results are expected to be released during Older Americans Month(May 2012).

For the 2011 survey, CommonHealth ACTION expanded upon the 2010 version to include questions regarding caretaking, preventive health care, and the effects of the economic downturn on health and retirement. In addition, to capture responses from the country’s growing Latino population, CHA has made a Spanish version of the survey available.

Results from the 2010 survey indicate that most people expect to take care of themselves after age 65, they see the Internet as an important tool to support aging, and most importantly, they expect to “age in place.” Survey data also indicate significant barriers in all of the aforementioned areas. The comprehensive report detailing the results from the 2010 survey as well as CHA’s recommendations for national action on aging preparedness is available by clicking here.

While discussing the 2010 and 2011 aging preparedness surveys, Natalie Burke, President of CommonHealth ACTION said, “Having a personal retirement plan and a living will do not make an individual “prepared” to age in the United States. Beyond those independent efforts, comprehensive policies and planning are necessary to support healthy and financially viable seniors. Addressing the key issues is a moral and economic imperative. Without doing so, we are at risk of decimating generational wealth, failing a large and growing segment of our population, and further burdening our broken systems. A national dialogue on aging preparedness was never optional and it certainly is not now. The time to act was yesterday. Consider the 2011 survey and the 2010 report the late bell.”

CommonHealth ACTION is a national, non-profit, public health organization in Washington, DC that collaborates with national organizations and community-based partners to create conditions in which all people have equal opportunities to achieve optimal health. For more information, visit http://www.commonhealthaction.org.

Natalie S. Burke, President, CommonHealth ACTION
Email: nburke@commonhealthaction.org<mailto:nburke@commonhealthaction.org>
Ph: 202.407.7088 ext. 1005

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