“Can I Stay or Must I Go: Dealing with Rising Housing Costs in an Aging Society”

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“Can I Stay or Must I Go: Dealing with Rising Housing Costs in an Aging Society”
A Housing Forum Hosted by AARP

Tuesday, September 18th
LeEnfant Plaza Hotel,Washington, DC

Investors, providers, and housing counselors are increasingly aware of the age wave and are concerned about the implications for their activities and services. What are the special issues faced by Older Americans, barriers to be met, and successes to be shared? Join AARP in a special event to bring together a range of stakeholders across the housing spectrum as they share with one another ideas, information, and solutions.

9:00 — 9:30 Opening Remarks from AARP John Rother, Group Executive Director of Public Policy Debra Schwartz, Director of Program Investments, MacArthur Foundation

9:30 — 10:45 Plenary Session: Preserving Appropriate and Affordable Rental Housing for an Aging Population
Moderator: Bill Kelly, President, Stewards of Affordable Housing Future
Panelists: Michelle Norris, Senior VP, Acquisitions and Development, National Church Residences
Panelists: Bill Frey, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Community Partners
Panelists: Eric Pinkney, Integral Group, Atlanta, Georgia (invited)

11:00 — 12:15 Plenary Session: The Perspective of Older Owners on Housing Rising Costs
Panelist: Ken Wade, CEO, NeigbhorWorks America, (invited)
Panelist: Robert Phlieger, Vice President, National Association of Home Builders (invited, Dave Crowe may take his place)
Panelist: Thomas Thompson, Executive Director, Housing, Prince Georges County Government (invited)

12:15 — 1:15 Lunch
1:20 — 2:20 Breakout Sessions I
2:30 — 3:30 Breakout Sessions II

Break outs are facilitated group discussions are around the topics of:

– Rural affordable housing
– Supportive Service Housing
– Resident Mobilization/Citizen Engagement

Each of the Workshops will be organized and facilitated to address: Policy Implications, Senior Focus, Research Needs, and Financing Options. Each group will have specific recommendations using the frame work that will be reported out in the larger group.
3:45 — 4:15 p.m. Facilitated Discussion: Report Out from Breakout Sessions

4:30 -> Reception

The event is FREE but we kindly request an RSVP

Please RSVP by sending an email to [email protected]. When RSVPing, please include your name, agency, address, and telephone number.

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