Positive Attitude Aids Recovery

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“When I got married, I didn’t even know how to boil water, but I taught myself how to cook, and I’ve loved it ever since,” relates Angelina Milloni, who worked in the restaurant business with her husband for over 50 years. The couple owned two different Italian restaurants and both became neighborhood establishments.

Ms. Milloni’s specialty, Veil Parmigiano with Eggplant, was a big seller with the local patrons. After her husband passed away, Ms. Milloni left the restaurant business but continued to enjoy living in her old neighborhood.

Three years ago, Ms. Milloni suffered a stroke. After being discharged from the hospital, she moved to Spruce Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation, an Extendicare facility in West Reading, PA. “I’ve been really happy here since I moved,” says Ms. Milloni. “The staff is so friendly and helpful; they are very special people.”

She helps to foster relationships with the staff and her fellow residents by remaining positive: “You can’t complain about everything. I try not to complain. I try to laugh about everything. If you are always pleasant, you get that back from others. If you meet people half way, they will return the favor.”

Such a positive attitude is impressive from someone who has worked so hard to recover from the stroke that caused her to lose the use of her right hand. After a year of therapy and dedicated practice, Ms. Milloni taught herself how to write with her left hand. “I even learned to draw with my left hand, and I submitted pieces for a silent auction we had here,” she remembers.

In addition to drawing, Ms. Milloni keeps herself busy in her flower garden. She explains, “One of the therapists started a garden for me, and I have hanging baskets on a trellis, and it is so pretty. Now they all call me the ‘Flower Lady.'”

The mother of four and grandmother of 15, Ms. Milloni never has a shortage of visitors, which, she says, makes her realize how fortunate she is: “I have family visiting everyday, and they are so wonderful. They are always bringing cookies, candies, and other goodies. I realize I am very lucky to have such a close family.” It is not surprising that such a positive and inspirational woman has so many visitors knocking on her door

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