Policy Makes All the Difference

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When Bernice Paul purchased her long-term care insurance policy at 74, her children did not understand why this type of insurance was necessary. After talking with her good friend, Phyllis Felser, an insurance agent with the Comprehensive Long-term Care Group, Mrs. Paul realized that it would be more cost effective to buy the policy before turning 75.

According to Mrs. Paul’s daughter, Barbara Kitt, “the policy made all the difference in the world.” Over the course of several years, Bernice used her policy three times. The first two times she used the policy for short recovery periods after surgery.

A few years later, Bernice fell several times and was admitted to the hospital with broken ribs. At the time, her daughter Barbara was in the hospital as well. Her daughter, Joan, who was now covering the insurance premiums, lived in California. Joan called Phyllis to explain that her mother was in the hospital and would need help when she came home.

Phyllis called a nurse’s aide who had worked for Bernice previously. When talking to Joan, Phyllis suggested that a nurse or social worker who provided care coordination should be hired to assess what Bernice really needed. The social worker sent a nurse out to talk to Bernice in her apartment and assess what her actual living situation was. The nurse then went with Bernice to see her physician, so that he would understand the problems she was having in a home environment.

Following these assessments, Bernice received daily home care assistance. Her long-term care insurance policy provided benefits to cover the cost of care provided by a nurse’s aide for almost two years. Because of her policy, Bernice was able to remain independent and live at home until she died in October 2003.

According to Barbara, the home care benefits proved to be extremely helpful to the entire family: “The care the policy provided for made the difference between my mother being independent and being able to remain in her apartment or having to be uprooted and moved to an assisted living facility. Being able to stay at home really made her life happier.”

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