Senior Living: Planning Events to Remember

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grandfather at birthday party in washington dcEvery year around his birthday, Robert Pitt hosts a dinner party for his family, friends and now caregivers. This year was no exception. On a rainy Friday night in January, 60 guests arrived one by one at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, D.C. The room looked regal adorned with spring flowers and flickering candles, a perfect setting for the sounds of the string ensemble. Robert, in his wheelchair with his caregiver Fedelia by his side, greeted each and every guest with a warm and gracious smile. After cocktails and an elegant dinner, the room soon buzzed with stories and toasts to “Uncle Bobbie” and their experiences of him.

Once the President of Diner’s Club International and a venture capital entrepreneur, Robert has traveled the world. Although his physical challenges have slowed him, they have not stopped him from corresponding and connecting with his family and friends.

Robert initiated the help of Professional Care Manager Mindy Vaughn and Care Coordinator Margaret Messenger from Advanced Care Management, a multi-faceted geriatric care management firm. In addition, the firm specializes in the ability to plan and support both the specialized health care needs and the ever-changing daily support challenges of living at home.

With their assistance, Robert has been able to manage his complex health care issues, manage his finances, organize his holiday giving and compose personal messages for his family and friends. Of course, one cannot forget the hard work of putting together this special dinner, which is just one of the many occasions planned by Robert. He is wasting no time as he is already making arrangements for his next event.

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