Real Life Story–BGA Insurance Group

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As anyone who has faced a gap in insurance coverage knows, the prospect of being uninsured—or underinsured—can be both scary and overwhelming. Such was certainly the case for Margaret Harrington when she lost her job—and the insurance that went with it. “I needed a Medicare Insurance Plan that was reasonable, since the company I worked for had closed, and I was no longer covered,” Margaret recalled. “I was referred to John Billetdoux by a close friend of mine who recommended […]

Understand Estate Planning and Probate Elder Law Attorneys Can Help

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Estate planning means much more than preparing a Last Will and Testament or tax planning for the disposition of your assets upon your death. Estate planning is the process of accumulating and disposing of an estate to maximize the goals of the estate owner. Th­e goals of estate planning typically include making sure the greatest amount of the estate passes to intended beneficiaries, often including paying the least amount of taxes. Estate planning must also provide for administration and protection of […]

Teacher for Life–Roland Park Place

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Teachers don’t retire. ­ Their pupils just change. ­ The desires to educate, provoke thought and inspire curiosity never go away. Such has certainly been the case for Gerritt (Gary) Blauvelt, a lifelong educator and current resident of Roland Park Place, a continuing care retirement community in Baltimore City. A native of Philadelphia, Gary graduated from Haverford College before receiving his Masters in Art and Teaching from Harvard University. After graduation, Gary followed in his father’s footsteps and became an educator. […]

Learning for Life

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Older adults are often encouraged to stay active and engaged to keep their minds sharp. But new research indicates that only certain activities — learning a mentally demanding skill like photography, for instance — are likely to improve cognitive functioning. These findings in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, reveal that less demanding activities, such as listening to classical music or completing word puzzles, probably won’t bring noticeable benefits to an aging mind. “It seems it […]

Caregiver Tips in Helping with Medicare

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By Ross Blair, 1. Manage Timelines Effectively: Medicare eligibility begins for U.S. citizens and legal residents when they turn 65. A person has a seven-month initial enrollment period that begins three months before their birthday month and ends three months after. During this initial enrollment period, a person can enroll in Original Medicare (Parts A&B), a prescription drug plan (Medicare Part D) or a Medicare Advantage plan. If a senior wants to enroll in a medigap (Medicare supplement insurance) policy, […]

Protect Your Assets–Elect Non-crisis Planning for you or your Loved One

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by Susan Piette Are you getting older? Are your parents? Do you and/or they have a plan? Consider Joe and Helen. They met just after he was discharged from the Army. They married, raised two boys and a girl, worked hard their entire lives, retired with a nice nest egg of funds, and looked forward to time with their daughter’s children who lived a few hours away. Their first son lived out of state, had a well-paying job and was […]

Prepare Legal Documents–Advance Directives that Put your Affairs in Order

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Advance directives (living wills, powers of attorneys, and health care proxies) are legal documents that express an individual’s wishes with regard to medical decisions. They are intended to provide direction to a designated “agent” to speak on behalf of a person who is unable to speak for himself due to a physical or cognitive injury. Finding an Agent An agent under an advance directive has legal authority to make any decisions and take any actions for the individual who appointed […]

A Balanced Life–Ingleside at King Farm

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He spends his time reading and writing. She loves gliding around the ice rink. Together, they enjoy a custom lifestyle that meets both of their needs. An introverted academic and former Dean of a graduate theological school, Bill Murry is a published author who still writes daily. Bill and Barbara Murry recently celebrated their 50th anniversary in the private dining room at Ingleside at King Farm. Barbara Murry is an extroverted former counselor and accomplished skater who started the sport […]

Memorable Moments–Arbor Place

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Love. Laughter. Joy. These are singularly human experiences—and they are essential to a good life, regardless of age or ability. In fact, individuals who are coping with cognitive or physical disabilities may need these experiences even more. Such is certainly the case with people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorders. At Arbor Place, a private assisted living residence offering dementia care in Rockville, Md., visitors will see plenty of love, laughter and joy—from the staff members […]

The Right Fit–Advanced Nursing & Home Support

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Tom’s days are busy. And they certainly aren’t easy. But, thanks to the help of a team of expert caregivers, his days are filled with small rewards and major accomplishments. Tom Guenthner is a C3-4 quadriplegic who receives round-the-clock care in his home through Advanced Nursing & Home Support. Pictured with Tom are caregivers Arlene Bowen (right) and Fatima Sow (left), as well as his dog, Lily. Tom Guenthner is a C3-4 quadriplegic. Nearly ten years ago, he suffered a […]