Real-Life Story–LivHOME

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Charles Doerrler grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania. He lived in the area for many years before moving to the Washington, D.C., region to work as a government contractor. Growing up near Lake Erie, Charles was actively involved in water sports. He even spent time scuba diving in the Lake. He also took an early interest in hypnosis. After teaching himself the technique, he would hypnotize his friends for fun. When Charles was only 15 years old, his father passed away. […]

Real-Life Story–Strategies for Independent Living, LLC.

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Aging in place can be easy if you choose the right place and plan ahead for future needs. Robert (Bob) and Fran Randolph have done both. The Randolphs live in a spacious condo in the Kentlands neighborhood of Gaithersburg, a welcoming community that is becoming part of the nationwide Village Movement. They have also remodeled their condo to make it more accessible, focusing particularly on a universally designed master bathroom that is both beautiful and functional. Bob and Fran Randolph’s spacious […]

Time to Enjoy

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By Christy Brudin Few things are more reliable than time. Time, they say, stops for no man. But some people are certainly better at making the most of their time—at seizing life’s opportunities and taking time to enjoy them. Vance and Mary Johnson are two of those people. From building a successful business together to creating their ideal retirement, the couple has been making the most of their time together for 40 years. As an amateur clock repairman, Vance has […]

What Home Upgrades Don’t Cost a Lot?

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 By Robin Jenks Vanderlip, BA, MC, CMRS, SRES, LUX, Professional Realtor A “good upgrade” is a change that is not too expensive and makes the house look great. Some examples include: 1. Paint your cabinets. This can have amazing results when done right. Choose your color wisely. Earth and neutral tones are best. Use the proper paint and take your time. 2. Change or add hardware and fixtures. Oil rubbed bronze is all the rage, and brushed stainless steel looks very […]

The Many Benefits of Adult Family Mediation

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By Sig Cohen Families facing disagreements on issues such as caring for aging parents, encouraging an older adult to stop driving, or equitably distributing trust proceeds are increasingly turning to adult family mediation to settle their differences. Having a neutral third party help a family resolve their disputes is more attractive than the delay, cost and distress of litigation. When family members forge a path forward together, there are no winners or losers. As a result, an elder can look forward to his […]

Not a Moment Too Soon

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By Christy Brudin Living in the moment can be difficult. It might mean taking a chance, leaping before looking, or even leaving it all behind. And, like most other challenging tasks, it often takes practice. Deborah (Debby) Wessells is an expert. She has been living in the moment her entire life—from venturing to New York City as a young woman, to marrying her husband just a few months after their blind date, to making a retirement move and never looking […]

Beaumont: Don’t Just Retire… Start Living

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Residents don’t move to Beaumont at Bryn Mawr to simply curl up in a cozy corner – they expect to remain fully engaged while enjoying a luxurious retirement lifestyle. Many residents are still at the top of their professions or have leadership roles in area organizations. They are also fully involved in shaping the direction and management of the community. Beaumont is unique in this respect. It is the only top-ranked Continuing Care Retirement Community in the nation that is […]

Veterans’ Journeys Overlap

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By Joan Hellyern Two residents of a memory care facility in Yardley, Pa., probably have crossed paths numerous times over the course of their lives, unbeknownst to them or their families until recently, according to the care facility. Staff­ members at Spring Village at Floral Vale made the discovery while collecting war-time memorabilia from residents’ family members for a recent event called “Celebrating Our Veterans’ Journeys.” The community’s annual fundraiser benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, said Callista Oberholtzer, director of […]

Retiring in Style

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By Leigh Stuart Photography by Allure West Studios At the corner of scenic Ferry and Iron Hill roads, in one of the loveliest parts of Doylestown, is a haven for residents seeking an enriching lifestyle of safety, convenience and culture nestled among Bucks County’s pastoral charms: Pine Run Retirement Community. Pine Run Villagers have ample opportunity to customize their dwellings. From fabrics and furnishings to finishes and fixtures, Kathy and Peter Achorn played an active role in creating their dream […]

More Room to Care

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The most essential element of caregiving is caring. To truly serve seniors and their families, an organization has to care—about individuals and their unique needs, about families and about communities. Phoebe Ministries is a unique not-for-profit organization that has been caring for Pennsylvania’s seniors for more than a century. Over the years, Phoebe has adapted to meet the changing needs of the senior population, including an increased focus on Alzheimer’s and dementia care that emphasizes both dignity and support. Now, the […]