One Smooth Move

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Frank Adler has always been an avid sports fan, but when it came to downsizing from his family home to a small apartment, he had no game plan. After 52 years in the same neighborhood, Mr. Adler knew that moving would be challenging. However, as he approached his 92nd birthday, it became apparent to him and his children that it was time for a move. Maintaining the house and preparing meals was becoming more difficult.

The family began looking for a place where Mr. Adler could receive the meals and services he needed but still remain independent. They found a nice assisted living community, but before he could begin his new life, they all had to get through the moving process.

Mr. Adler’s daughter, Marsha Zbik, noticed the moving section while flipping through the Guide to Retirement Living. She called Moving Planners for a free consultation and was really impressed with all the services they offered. She recalls, “During the first meeting with Moving Planners, we discussed when the move would take place, and they gave me a rundown of exactly what services were included; I received an itemized estimate the next day.”

Marsha was surprised by the extensive advice they provided: “Moving Planners took a very personal interest in the new apartment and how it would be arranged. They made recommendations for what to take, how to set it up, and gave my dad some helpful hints for packing. Moving Planners also provided checklists to help change all his utilities and services.”

While the staff was finishing up the packing, Marsha took her father to her house and then to his new apartment the following day. “Moving Planners was so nice and helpful, and their assistance made it possible for me to spend more time with my father during the moving process,” Marsha explains. For Mr. Adler, walking into a new apartment that was already set up helped ease the stress of moving.

On the final day of moving, all unwanted items were removed and the house was left broom-swept. Marsha admits that the “one-stop shopping” provided by Moving Planners made moving seem doable. “We were all overwhelmed before they came into the picture, but their help made moving so easy and stress-free,” she says.

Once the old house was cleared and the new apartment was set up, Mr. Adler was ready to make an almost seamless transition into his new community. While he is still independent, he enjoys having the option of eating his meals in the community dining room. With all his possessions in their proper place and no boxes cluttering the floor, Mr. Adler is quickly adjusting to his new home.

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