One Man’s Devotion

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There is no doubt that retired Colonel Doug Dillard was and will always be a man dedicated to his country.

After enlisting in the Army in 1942 at the age of 16, Colonel Dillard had served 35 years of active duty. His greatest enjoyment while on active duty was being able to travel with his family to all of the overseas locations they were assigned, particularly Hawaii and Germany.

“My children really benefited from their exposure to the different cultures around the world,” he said.

Active duty, however, had also given Colonel Dillard a sense of pride. As he said, “It was an honor having survived World War II and having served with a great group of outstanding young Americans.”

Though he retired in 1977, he remained dedicated to the cause he had served for so many years by promoting veterans’ activities, especially those with which he served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

“Many of them are buried in Arlington National Cemetery, which I visit frequently,” he said.

And with his wife, Virginia, he shares the same devotion. When she returned home from a nursing and rehabilitation center, it was determined that a home health care provider would be needed.

The couple’s four daughters then found Advanced Home Support through basic research and recommendations. After contacting the home health care provider based out of Rockville, Md., the family received the exact answers they needed to hear.

“We were really pleased with their response, and therefore have had this long relationship with them since July of 2007,” said Colonel Dillard.

Mrs. Dillard has a Licensed Practical Nurse that comes to the house at night to watch her ventilator and breathing. With this peace of mind, Colonel Dillard said he is able to rest easier at night.

Every day of the week, a Certified Nursing Assistant helps her with different activities of daily living. The CNA assists Mrs. Dillard with bathing and prepares meals for the couple while taking care of light housekeeping. This allows Mrs. Dillard time for her physical therapy, and enables her to venture out with her husband for lunch or various events they are able to attend.

“The personnel Advanced Home Support has provided have always been very responsive, professional and courteous,” said Colonel Dillard.

With trusted individuals who have become more like friends, the couple continues to rest assured knowing that the help they need is so readily available.

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