Moving to Assisted Living: One Less Stress for a Busy Woman

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mother moving to assisted livngWhen Aileen Mergaman needed to move out of her apartment, she did not want to trouble her family by asking for their assistance.

“It’s hard to get your children to help because they’re all busy working,” she said.

After speaking with friends, one in particular suggested enlisting the help of Moving Planners, a complete moving service of Glenside, managed by Jefrey and Diana Bacal.

She met with the Bacals for a free consultation, and learned about the services they would provide to meet her needs which included everything from packing to unpacking and the removal of unwanted items. Then came the words Aileen needed to hear: “Don’t worry about anything.”

A simple phrase was a huge relief for Aileen who had kept herself busy since graduating from high school. Besides raising three children, she worked with her husband at his retail fish company and now worked for her son taking care of the bills for his practice.

“[Working] kept me busy and kept me out of trouble,” she joked.

Taking care of the office tasks helps Aileen get out of her home, and allows her to make several trips around town.

“I’m not the type that likes playing cards,” she said.

A widow for 27 years, Aileen enjoys spending time with her eight grandchildren and tending to her two cats. She also utilizes her available free time by shopping with her two daughters.

When she heard about Moving Planners, Aileen did not try calling any other companies.

“I wanted someone to pack everything for me,” she said, “And they did a beautiful job.”

According to Aileen, the thorough and accommodating helpers had set up her furniture in a better arrangement than she had in her apartment. They also told her to leave any items she no longer wanted or could not take with her behind, which the Bacals either offered to purchase or had cleared out.

It is a service she would recommend to anyone.

“I felt very comfortable with them,” said Aileen, “By the time they’re done, it feels like they’re your friends.”

Although she did not evaluate other companies, Aileen was as confident as ever in her decision based on the stories she had heard. Her friends that used other companies had to pack their belongings or did not receive all of the services that Aileen was fully provided.

“They took a basic move and went the extra mile,” she said, “The Bacals are on the top of my list!”

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