New Friends–With Four Legs

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Of her many different jobs, Florence Sweeda most enjoyed working at RCA, where she made picture tubes. The work was fascinating, but her favorite thing about her job was the people. After retiring, Florence continued to enjoy time with friends and family and found more time for her favorite pastime-shopping.

When Ms. Sweeda developed pneumonia, she became very ill and needed rehab. She moved to a long-term care facility but was not happy there. She was looking for a nice place to recover when she found Langhorne Gardens Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Langhorne, PA, an Extendicare home.

Since the move, Florence’s physical and mental health has improved dramatically. She explains, “Langhorne Gardens has become a home for me. I feel safe and secure here. I truly can’t remember a time when I was happier.”

Moving to a nursing center, where she can receive the care she needs, has increased her confidence and improved her lifestyle. “I enjoy waking up in the morning. I feel so at home here, and I feel like the staff is part of my family,” says Florence.

One of Ms. Sweeda’s favorite new friends is of the four-legged variety: “Every morning, I go out to the garden and feed my cats. One is named ‘Punky,’ and he is my favorite. I brush him daily, and I love him so much.”

Visits with her nephew, bingo, card games, shopping trips, and community activities are also a major part of Florence’s full schedule. Having found a comfortable place where she can relax has made all the difference for Ms. Sweeda-who now looks forward to every day.

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