Moving Made Simple for Seniors

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elderly in assisted livingWhen Dr. John Tower’s mother fell in her home in Long Island it became apparent to the family that it was time for Mrs. Tower to make a move to an assisted living community. They decided to move her from Long Island to PA, so that she would be only 15 minutes from her family.

The family’s first challenge was helping their mother to downsize from her family home to an apartment and completing the long distance move. On the recommendation of the staff at Wood River Village, the assisted living community the Towers had chosen, Dr. Tower sought the help of T.G. Home Contents.

He soon found that Trudy Gompers, the owner of T.G. Home Contents, could offer more than he ever expected: “I thought the best I would do would be to find someone to help me sell or donate my mother’s unwanted items. When I realized that Trudy would also take care of the move, and at a very competitive rate, I was thrilled.”

The hands-on service that Trudy and her staff offered was also a welcome surprise. “She met me in Long Island to view the contents of the house, and she’s based in Philadelphia, so that was amazing,” Dr. Tower relates. By utilizing an extensive network of buyers, Trudy scheduled for individuals to purchase and pick up the various items.

After helping the Towers decide what to move to the new apartment, Trudy arranged for the move of the items and even helped organize and set up the apartment. Dr. Tower recalls, “It was very nice for my mother because she got to move into a place that already looked like a home because it was completely set-up. Trudy gave us great advice about where to place the items.”

Settled comfortably into her new apartment, Mrs. Tower lived happily at Wood River Village for several years. After she passed away, Dr. Tower again turned to T.G. Home Contents for help.

The services that Trudy and her staff offered helped eliminate the stress of cleaning out the apartment during a difficult time. Dr. Tower relates, “Some of the items from the apartment were moved to my home and others were sold or donated. I received a receipt for charitable donations for tax deduction purposes. Everything went so smoothly.” With his mother’s treasured possessions now safely in his home, Dr. Tower is extremely pleased with the “full service moves” that Trudy and her staff offered.

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