Moving Coordinators Assist Seniors

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Mildred Pyle started her 20 year career with Baltimore County Public Library System reluctantly. After her daughter went away to college, the long-time, stay-at-home mom decided to seek part-time employment.

One of Mrs. Pyle’s friends mentioned that they needed assistance at the public library. She went into the interview looking for a part-time job and left with a career. Mrs. Pyle worked her way up through the library system and ended her career as manager of clerical and Technical Services in the Library’s Central Office.

Several years ago, Mrs. Pyle made the decision to downsize from her family home in Timonium to a more manageable condominium. Her husband had passed away three years earlier, and their home was becoming more than she could handle alone. She lived in her condo for 13 years. Recently, Mrs. Pyle began to contemplate moving again. She recalls, “I wanted to find a community where I could feel secure, but also be as independent as I want to be.”

Mrs. Pyle’s search for a retirement community to meet her needs took her to several local properties. After touring communities and reviewing their offerings, she chose Mercy Ridge, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Timonium, MD. “I knew that Mercy Ridge was it as soon as I saw it,” she says. “It is so new and gorgeous, and we have so many options in terms of dining and amenities.”

Finding the right retirement community proved to be easy, but Mrs. Pyle knew from experience that “downsizing and moving is hard-really hard.” When she moved to her condo, her children took care of everything but she did not want to call on them again.

When she found information about moving coordinators in her move-in packet, Mrs. Pyle was intrigued. She called Senior Transitions, a moving coordination services firm, and spoke with Charna Kinneberg, the owner of the company. “When Charna came in and told me about everything they could do to make sure that my move was smooth-which was pretty much anything I needed-I knew that I wanted their help,” Mrs. Pyle says.

The day before the move Senior Transitions’ staff came to Mrs. Pyle’s house and packed the bulk of her belongings. They brought boxes, packing paper, and all the necessary supplies with them.

Mrs. Pyle remembers, “On the day of the move, they finished up with the packing, and then they went to the new place and unpacked everything and set it up.” From assembling her bed to unpacking and dusting her china, Senior Transitions made sure that Mrs. Pyle’s new home was as comfortable as possible. “It looked like I had been living here for awhile on the very first day. Even some of the staff members commented on how quickly I was settled in,” Mrs. Pyle concludes. “I didn’t have to worry about anything with the move. They really took care of it all, and that was a wonderful feeling.”

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