Move Sooner, Be Healthier Longer–Tel Hai

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Bob and Josie Davis met in high school. Bob’s sister might have been helpful getting the relationship started, but that first date at the roller rink grew into a life-long love enjoyed every day. In May 2013, the Davis’s celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in Oahu. In fact, they were remarried in front of hundreds of people in a Polynesian wedding reenactment ceremony!

The couple has enjoyed participating in various activities through the years. Their shared love of history resulted in a very special celebration for Josie’s 70th birthday. With all of the family dressed in period garb, they reserved an entire B&B in Gettysburg to mark the occasion. Bob and Josie were also genuine “happy campers,” as members of square dance campers’ groups on the local, regional and national level. They have visited 47 of the 50 states.

For forty years, they enjoyed the home they designed at the edge of Bob’s family farm in Chester County and freely admit it was created with eventual retirement in mind. Always actively engaged in their community and life-long learners, they later decided there were other options to consider. They started giving their assumptions about retirement living another look. One day, while watching Bob on a ladder cleaning the gutters, Josie realized this was NOT something she wanted looming in her future. Visiting Tel Hai, a retirement community in Honey Brook, Pa., got them both thinking that community living would be a desirable alternative to pursue.

Today, when you look at the monthly calendar Josie keeps on her tablet, you wonder how they find time for their varied interests and commitments. They enjoy ballroom dancing, concerts and lectures together.

The hiking trail at Tel Hai is a favorite spot of Bob and Josie Davis and their dog, Missy.

The hiking trail at Tel Hai is a favorite spot of Bob and Josie Davis and their dog, Missy.

Bob, who requires very little sleep, has a list in his pocket at all times of “things to do.” This “Jack of all trades” is a devoted Phillies fan who enjoys keeping busy and helps with projects at church, his adult children’s homes and Tel Hai. Bob volunteered to paint wooden bridges and railings across the campus and even designed and built a wishing well near the Meadows Health Care Center. Their dog, Missy, also gets him out in the fresh air for long daily walks.

In fact, the hiking trail is a major project Bob and Josie are promoting on campus. They led a two-mile hike during a recent spring open house and are filling the woods with “critters” for their neighbors’ visiting grandchildren to find. Active in the campus veterans’ group, Bob was the flag bearer during Honey Brook’s Memorial Day parade this year.

Josie gets an early start in the morning and keeps busy throughout the day with activities of her choosing. She keeps an amazing schedule—participating in the campus SEW Creative group Monday morning and moving on to another sewing group at her church later that afternoon. Or she may be heading off to the Garden Club in Glenmoore. On campus you will find her attending offerings in yoga, water aerobics, Zumba and Line Dancing.

“Things change so fast…I want to do as much as I can while I can,” Josie shared with a smile. “I remember my 94-year-old aunt still running around, and I know I want to be that way, too. Sometimes I think if I’d come here ten years earlier, I’d be ten years healthier now!”

Enjoying a fulfilling lifestyle with no concerns for home maintenance or future health needs is a wonderful benefit. Community living in this beautiful location filled with lively, engaging neighbors has become the setting for a new, rewarding chapter in life. For Bob and Josie Davis, Tel Hai lives up to its name—it is indeed the “hill of life!”

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