Motivation for Walking in Active Adults

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Linda Roberts, a Spanish teacher at Calvert High School in Prince Frederick, MD, is on the Southern Maryland Memory Walk planning committee. She discusses why she walks, and why others should do the same.

“After my mom passed away with Alzheimer’s, I wanted to make a difference, so that others will not have to watch their loved ones go through what we did,” says Linda. “Since I can’t actually do the research, the least I can do is raise money to help find a cure.”

Linda emphasizes that her primary goal for participating in the Memory Walk is to make a difference. She has shared her enthusiasm with her co-workers at Calvert High School and has even challenged the employees of other county schools to form their own teams.

She says, “You get exercise, support a worthy cause, and do something good for others-all before lunchtime! What could be better?” While Linda finds the walks enjoyable, she also understands how vitally important they are in the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s. “Everyone needs to understand that there is no way to find a cure if we don’t all do our part,” she notes.

To individuals who are hesitant to participate in fundraisers or who will be first time walkers, Linda says, “Don’t be shy about asking for donations. The worst they can say is no!” She admits that while raising money for other causes, she was often reluctant to ask anyone other than family members and close friends for donations. Her mother’s experience with Alzheimer’s changed all that. “Alzheimer’s is very personal to me,” she states simply. Now she remains dedicated to raising all that she can for the cause.

Memory Walks give Linda a chance to interact with others who had similar experiences with the disease. She says, “I was amazed at how many of my co-workers had family members affected by Alzheimer’s. There are so many people out there in the same boat. Walking is a great way to share stories.”

Linda and her co-workers are getting the word out to more and more people every year. They enjoy their walks, and they feel good about the contribution they are making. Linda says, “Just think-someday, when they find a cure, we will all be able to say we were a part of it.” She concludes, “How cool is that?”

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