More Wonderful Years to Come- Dunwoody Village

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Since meeting in college, Barbara and Geoffrey Mynott have continued to feel lucky with each year they have shared together.  As they recently celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary, they relish in the wonderful future ahead of them at their current home, Dunwoody Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Newtown Square, Pa.

Geoffrey and Barbara Mynott

Although Geoffrey and Barbara Mynott remain busy with organizations outside of Dunwoody Village, they still enjoy spending time relaxing in their spacious country house.

The Mynotts attended Bucknell University before Geoffrey briefly went into the service.  He then started his own business, Conestoga Tool Company, where Barbara eventually joined him after working at Wyeth Laboratories and raising their two sons.

Over the years, the couple has enjoyed travelling and bird watching.  As avid golfers, they have been involved with the Merion Golf Club.

According to Barbara, she was the “mover and shaker” behind the decision to move from their family home.  “I loved it, we had wonderful gardens, but it became too much for me to manage,” she said.

They proceeded to move into a townhome for several years before looking into retirement living communities.  “We looked at a few places, but I’ve always had an affiliation with Dunwoody because most of my mother’s friends were here,” she said.  “I’ve felt very comfortable here, and was even more impressed after taking a tour.”

Although the couple said the decision to move in general was difficult, they have had no regrets knowing the peace of mind it has not only provided each of them, but also their children.  “We both strongly agreed we did not want our children to worry about us as we got older.  We wanted to have everything in place so they didn’t have to make the decisions,” said Geoffrey.

After two and a half years at the community, the Mynotts have been enjoying their spacious country house and scenic views.  As they continue their pastimes of bird watching and attending Bucknell sporting events, they have also taken advantage of the active environment Dunwoody offers, while being pleasantly surprised at the number of friends they have made.

“It’s a very vibrant place; there is so much to do and there are a lot of interesting people,” said Barbara.  “The residents are very involved in programming activities.”

With several amenities including a fitness center and putting green, the community also brings in different entertainment, along with writers and professors for lectures. Although Geoffrey has not been able to get as involved, still working with his company and serving on the Bucknell Board of Trustees, Barbara has written for the community’s publication, ‘Inside Dunwoody,’ and is a member of the Documentary, Entertainment, History and Dining Services Committees.

According to the couple, this vibrant environment extends to Dunwoody’s nursing and personal care units, where some of their friends have received care.  “They have given testimonials about how wonderful the care is,” said Barbara.  “It’s so accessible and there’s a very upbeat spirit there.”

In addition to the care that is provided onsite, the Mynotts take pride in Dunwoody’s greater community outreach.  “People put in a lot of volunteer hours and we have a program where we make casseroles for local homeless people,” she said.

Although they were already familiar with many of these advantages, the Mynotts could not be happier looking forward to the years to come and even more surprises along the way.

“Dunwoody is one of the oldest retirement communities in our area,” said Barbara.  “They’ve been in business a long time, and they know what they’re doing.”

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