Maximizing Storage Space in Retirement Communities

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Maximizing Storage Space in Retirement CommunitiesBeatrice “Bea” Daniel absolutely adored her Arlington home where she and her husband raised two children and lived for 43 years. The home, built in the 1930s with unique plaster details, definitely had Bea’s personal touch throughout it. She states, “I was somewhat of a collector of memories. If there was wall space, I filled it up.”

When the four-story home started to become difficult to manage, the couple began to investigate retirement living options. Bea and her husband, David, did quite a bit of research looking at six or seven communities seriously, but eventually determined they wanted to find an option in Northern Virginia within close proximity to their daughter and her family in Vienna. They then learned about Ashby Ponds, a community that was being developed in Ashburn, Va., which made the choice easy. “I heard about the community when it was just a dream,” says Bea. “We were familiar with Greenspring, but Ashby Ponds would enable us to be closer to our grandchildren.”

Their daughter was also their Realtor and gave the couple some sage advice in moving out during the downsizing preparations. One of the couple’s close friends had a vacant condo that they rented to the Daniels for three months while their home was being prepared for sale and their new apartment at Ashby Ponds was being finished.

At first, the transition did not come easily to Bea. “I don’t adjust quickly to change. It took my husband all of 10 minutes and he felt like he was at home,” she says. “For me, once I got my pictures on the wall and my apartment was the way I wanted it be, I could relax and feel at home.”

Now, the couple is completely settled and enjoying all of the benefits of their new home. “I have joined the activities that mean something to me,” says Bea. “One person could not do everything here; there is so much to offer. The staff is incredible and the residents are very well taken care of.”

To make her home even more comfortable, Bea called on a company that had previously helped her with her beloved Arlington residence. She was challenged with an inefficient linen closet. After making inquiries, she discovered ShelfGenie, a custom glide out shelving system that organizes and maximizes storage spaces. “I loved what they did with that one closet. Everything was now within reach,” she says.

Bea intentionally waited a while to better understand her new space and needs, knowing ShelfGenie could ultimately create solutions for her, especially in the kitchen. “I can’t bend down as low or reach as high as I used to, but I still wanted to utilize all the space,” she says.

She worked closely with her ShelfGenie consultant, Maria White, who Bea says listened to her concerns and helped her create the perfect solution Bea wanted. “I am very happy with my kitchen; everything is where I want it to be,” says Bea. “It really was a good experience.”

And with the assistance and advice she has received, she offers her own to others considering a move to a retirement community. “Do your homework, visit places where you think you will be comfortable, look into waiting lists and the investment needed.” Most importantly, she continues saying, “Make the move before you need to.”

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