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After 49 years of marriage, Dutch and Peg Alberts’ strong dedication to each other and their Masonic organization, Masons and Eastern Star, have made them committed to remaining in their community and their own home for the rest of their lives. Therefore they decided to join Friends Life Care At Home Midatlantic, the first continuing care at home program of its kind to be offered to residents of Maryland and Washington D.C.

“In all my fifty years as a Mason, I have only missed about fifteen meetings,” claims Dutch Albert, a retired Mason. His wife, Peg claims to be just as dedicated in her 49 years of attending Eastern Star meetings.

The Friends Life Care At Home Midatlantic plan permits its members to remain in their own homes and retain their independent lifestyles, even if their health should change. Care is available in the member’s home for both catastrophic occurrences and short-term illness. After paying a one-time entrance fee, members pay a monthly fee that covers necessary services should the member become ill. Dutch and Peg Albert are two of more than 50 Masons and Eastern Star members who have joined Friends Life Care At Home Midatlantic.

“We like our friends, our neighbors and we want to stay at home together in our neighborhood for just as long as we can,” said Dutch. “I don’t know anything that’s quite like Friends Life Care At Home Midatlantic and that’s why I’m working so hard to spread the word to our fellow Masons.”

Dutch retired from a career in the Navy in 1964 as a chief warrant officer and bandmaster after having traveled the world. He is still an avid organist. Dutch has been the Masons’ organist, for Anacostia Lodge 21, since 1969 and the Eastern Star’s organist, for Electa Ch. 2, since 1973.

Peg, who is not fond of traveling, wore many hats working at a bakery in Washington, D.C., for 32 years, while her husband was in the Navy. In the next chapter in her life, she worked in an administrative position for the federal government for almost 20 years.

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