Making the Most of her 92 Years in Assisted Living

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grandmother in nursing home in baltimoreAsk Thelma Seymour how old she is and she’ll tell you she’s 29 – reversed! A bright, energetic woman and a wonderful story teller, Thelma loves to discuss her interesting past. She relates the story of the true love of her life, a jockey who rode many winning horses during races on the west coast. She ended up marrying someone else out of practicality, and remained married for 55 years, but never forgot her jockey.

After her husband died, Thelma lived independently for 20 years, but certainly wasn’t idle. She did volunteer work at St. Agnes hospital in the pediatric ward and volunteered for the Red Cross. When Thelma’s doctor suggested assisted living, she was not sure why.

Even though she sold her home, her car, and made the move to assisted living, she vowed she would remain as independent as possible. Thelma had to relinquish many things, but not her free thinking spirit. She moved into an assisted living community in Westminster, where she lived for 2 years. Her enormous impact on both the staff and her fellow residents is evidenced by the fact that they still come to visit her.

Thelma moved to Lighthouse Senior Living, an assisted living community in Baltimore, MD, a little over a year ago when her family decided to relocate to the area. Finding a place for Thelma to live that was close by was essential for her family. She remains an integral part of her immediate and extended family.

For Thelma, life is a glass that is half full. Her flexibility allows her to realize that although assisted living can never be exactly like the home environment, it can be an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Thelma continues to share her enthusiasm and talents with the staff and her fellow residents at Lighthouse. Not only does she decorate her apartment for holidays and special occasions, she also helps with decorations for all the events at the community. Crafting holiday pins and corsages for staff members is just another way that Thelma helps ensure that everyone feels appreciated. She also embraces the community’s Red Hat Society celebrations-looking very kicky in her red, wide brimmed hat!

Most importantly, Thelma makes a concerted effort to help new residents adjust to their new home by reaching out to them and making them feel welcome. She is kind, smart, feisty, full of energy and life-truly everything we should all hope to be when we are 92 years old.

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