Making the Decision to Move to a Retirement Community at the Right Time

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As one of the foremost authorities on Hamilton Watches having collected them for 40 years, Howard Lasser certainly knows a few things about time.  Therefore, instead of delaying finding a senior living community, he and his wife, Barbara, had perfect timing when making the move and are now enjoying a wonderful apartment and lifestyle at The Woodlands in Fairfax, Va.

The Lassers at their Retirement Community

Howard and Barbara Lasser were among their community’s first residents and were happy to get the independent living apartment they wanted with scenic views of the woodlands.

Hailing from New York, the Lassers relocated to the Washington, D.C. area where they lived for over 50 years and raised three children.

The Lassers actually discovered their current home while helping someone else.  Serving as a court officer in Alexandria, Howard was conducting research to help his ward when he learned about the retirement community which was under development at the time.  “I liked this place right off the bat,” he said. “Barbara suggested that we make the choice now so that our children wouldn’t have to make it later.”

The couple was excited to be one of the first residents in a brand new community. Unfortunately, the apartment they desired that was located on the fourth floor with an expansive view of the woodlands was already taken.  Fortunately, the residents who reserved it decided to select an apartment on the other side of the building overlooking the lake.

Extremely happy with their setting, Howard said, “It’s an apartment that we look out of and we are really in the woodlands, as it were. We really wanted this one and we were very fortunate that we got it.”

The Lassers feel fortunate to have had the time to prepare for the move as the community was being built. “The Woodlands had researched and found very good people to help us downsize,” said Howard, who has a collection of books stemming from when he was eight.  Although it included over 3,000 books, their apartment is spacious enough to keep nearly 1,000 of his most treasured volumes.  With the help of a senior move manager, the couple was able to downsize and prepare for move-in day with confidence.

As they have made several new friends they refer to as family, the couple is especially appreciative of the hands-on approach and family setting that the Banium family takes in operating the community.  Their loved ones are very appreciative too. “Our children were delighted,” said Barbara. “They thought it was wonderful that we were taken care of.”


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